Welcome! - !أهلا و سهلا

I'm Ella Moore, a raqs sharqi (belly dance) performer and educator based in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

I had the good fortune to find my way into a raqs sharqi class in college, and I've been obsessed ever since. I enthusiastically continued my studies while completing my Bachelor of Arts in Music (Percussion) at the Florida State University, melding my experience into an expressive, musical dance style. I've been lucky to have several incredible teachers & mentors along the way, including Heather of Henna Dances, Nazaneen, Shahrzad, and Omaris

For me, love of the music and cultures of North Africa and the Levant are an eternal wellspring of inspiration and the foundation of my dance practice. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my adoration of this music with my audiences and students!

I'm currently a house dancer at Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine in Seattle and 007 Hookah Lounge in Portland. Check out my schedule page to see me dance! 
For booking, email [email protected].
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